Waves from San Remo Camera

Whilst today hasn’t been the most dramatic we have seen it’s still been the liveliest conditions on the seawall for some time. Today saw some 40 mph Southerlies and i have to secretly admit to wishing they had gone Easterly and kept the wind for a few more hours. However, we have what we have and we hope that you enjoy the gallery of photos from our San Remo camera.


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Dawlish weather and tides for 19/07/2017

Good evening. Here are your Dawlish weather and tide times for Wednesday

Wednesday will again be humid. Large areas of cloud cover with small spells of sun. The thunderstorm risk remains, but not as intense as Tuesday.

Winds: SW 11-18mph
Temp: 21C
Sunrise/sunset: 05:23/21:17
UV: High

Tide times:
High 02:18 – 3.12m
Low 08:43 – 0.81m
High 15:08 – 3.12m
Low 21:23 – 0.94m

Michelle McDonald, UK South West Storm Chasers Ltd.

Edited storm footage and photo’s

Some additional footage taken last night, the following was taken and edited from around midnight. The storm lasted for around 4 hours altogether so please excuse me for not extending the footage. I’m sure you will enjoy the footage collated from all three cameras.

If anyone has any photo’s they would like to share, then please post then directly to our Facebook page.

More Highlights from the last couple of days

At last i have been able to get my head understanding our new video software and so hopefully we will be able to do many more highlights for you to enjoy.

Today’s offering is taken from our footage from the past two days. Included this time is the sleeper, in just about enough light, a sunrise pass, the class 800 making its two passes, some friendly toots from drivers, one voyager trying to frighten two young ladies on the wall (yes i did chuckle!), a few HST sets of varying liveries and we end with a little moonlight from the early hours of Tuesday.

Please let us know if you would like to see more of these videos.

I am also grateful to Stuart, Michael and Paul for sending in the following viewer’s pics for you to enjoy.

Please remember to support Dawlish Beach with your contributions, your shares, your likes and by subscribing to our cameras. Thank you all as always

Trains and Waves.

After watching the Hitachi IEP pass along in front of the Blenheim camera I saw that the waves were splashing up well near to Kennaway tunnel. Pedestrians on the wall were walking towards that direction and I thought they would just get a little nearer to the action. Will they won’t they? They will certainly get wet! Watch the video  and comment with your thoughts if you wish.

Possible Storms heading to Dawlish




Areas at risk:
Devon – Plymouth eastwards and northwards into parts of Somerset, Dorset, hampshire and then up into Wiltshire.

Good afternoon.

Well its all changed again since last night with the risk slightly more to the west now taking in say Plymouth northwards and eastwards.

These zone are NOT set in stone.

With torrential downpours mixed with hail increasingly likely for Devon eastwards into Dorset then northwards into Somerset and Wiltshire, like all storm event’s, we are not able to confirm who and where and there is still some uncertainty in this development but can confirm that humidity has increased with temperatures not dropping tonight below 17 degrees to 20 degrees so very uncomfortable for sleeping.

An area of Low Pressure will slowly edge up from the near continent later introducing a lot of unstable and moisture, mix the two and this will be enough to trigger nasty storms.

It is a case of wait and see now bit our many risk is from 21:45 through to around 03:00 before moving into eastern and northeastern parts of our region.

The risk of Thunderstorms are looking very likely in starting across parts of the southeast of our region likely to miss much of Cornwall and west Devon before SW tspreading east and north as advises above but again with so much instability here also is not without risk.

This is a be prepared for some tricky conditions across more east/northwestern parts of the region and be prepared for disruption especially the further East you are.

PLEASE NOTE before you start asking am I going to see them: The storm risk areas are not set in stone and as the storms track out of France this evening we will know who will be hit.

We are also prone to home grown storms due to the humidity later tonight and during the early hours of Thursday morning.

Kind regards

Director of SWSC Ltd

Dawlish weather and tides for 07/07/2017

Good evening. Here are your Dawlish weather and tide times for Friday.

Friday will be a little cloudier and cooler than earlier in the week. Still with large sunny spwlls though.

Winds: NW 6-9mph
Temp: 21C
Sunrise/sunset: 05:10/21:27
UV: High
Pollen: High

Tide times:
High 05:57 – 3.05m
Low 12:04 – 0.82m
High 18:20 – 3.29m

Michelle McDonald, UK South West Storm Chasers Ltd.

Dawlish weather and tides for the weekend

Good evening. Here are your Dawlish weather and tide times for Saturday.

A tad overcast today. Possibly some small breaks for sun but minimal.

Winds: N 4-7mph switching to S 5-8mph
Temp: 20C
Sunrise/sunset: 05:11/21:26
UV: High
Pollen: Medium

Tide times:
Low 00:32 – 0.76m
High 06:38 – 3.2m
Low 12:44 – 0.68m
High 18:57 – 3.45m

Lightly cloudy start leading to some small showers mid-late afternoon.

Winds: N-SW 5-9mph
Temp: 21C
Sunrise/sunset: 05:12/21:26
UV: High
Pollen: High

Tide times:
Low 01:10 – 0.61m
High 07:16 – 3.32m
Low 13:20 – 0.56m
High 19:32 – 3.58m

Michelle McDonald, UK South West Storm Chasers Ltd.