Teignmouth News

Using Time

By Sandy in Teignmouth

It’s 8am in Teignmouth… it’s one of those beautiful post-heavy rain mornings, where the sun glints off a soggy world. The kids & I are enjoying a slow morning; gaming, kitchen chemistry experiments, & homework are on the menu, enjoying the view of the Teign from our window – it’s a bit too cold outside for us yet. My husband, on the other hand, left hours ago for a 70 mile bike ride.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 09.07.06

It’s taken me a while to settle to the slower pace of Teignmouth… I have felt guilty for sleeping in while there’s a beautiful beach outside to be explored, & annoyed with the kids for lying about using screens when they should be engaging in a ‘Swallows & Amazons’ lifestyle.

When at home in Kent we squeeze & push time. We loathe & berate it for never being enough & always against us. Commuter belt life keeps us to the clock, expects more. I buy books about Hygge, & light candles in the evening, but find myself shouting like a fishwife at the kids in the morning to get them ready for school, & pleading for them to go to bed at night so I can organise & recharge for the next day. My husband  & his ‘MAMIL’ friends (Middle-Aged Man in Lycra for any of you that have not experienced this phenomenon) all cycle early in the morning on weekends, to ‘squeeze it in’ before family time begins. Frankly, it’s exhausting.

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My husband & I say that we are drawn to the sea to justify our long monthly journeys to Teignmouth, but I think that there’s an element of escaping our world, to allow ourselves to slow down. In Teignmouth we are kind to time & are generous with it, & in return time seems to move more slowly.


…Sweet Nothings

We have nothing planned for our half term trip to Teignmouth this week. A number of people said how nice they thought it would be go away from the norm, but to have nothing planned – to just go with the flow.

I have splashed out on my favourite magazines. I love to get lost in a good book, but a magazine is perfect when I expect to be interrupted by the children, or I’ve been busy & can’t settle to anything. I hope to be found either on the sofa, in my pyjamas with a cup of tea, or snuggled on a blanket on the beach with a flask of tea flicking through the pages.


My girls have discovered the joys of a hot cup of tea too, although with a creative twist. They like to rifle through my spice jars making their own ‘tea concoctions’ in empty drawstring tea bags. The house is filled with winter spice smells, & warm apple juice & honey they like to add.


I think I’m beginning to succumb to the feelings of Autumn, & perhaps have been influenced by chat about Danish ‘Hygge’ – creating a warm atmosphere & enjoying the good things in life with good people. Spending time snuggling on the sofa with my husband & children, trudging in the Autumnal sunshine along the beach with them in our wellies & jackets, & eating hot soup with good friends is perfect.

Let’s see where the flow takes us…