Teignmouth flood defence works nearing completion as last of the…

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Flood defence works in Teignmouth that will provide vital coastal flood protection for up to 400 homes and businesses in the town will be complete by September as the last of the 72 steel sheet piles have been installed.

The £1.3million flood defence scheme started in February and focuses on the repair, renewal and strengthening of the sea defence structure at The Point.

GVs of the flood defense work in Teignmouth

Initially it was due to be completed by July, but was delayed until September after additional essential repair work was identified to tackle erosion under the sea wall.

Work is being carried out by local firm Teignmouth Maritime Services Ltd (TMS) and a Teignbridge Council spokesman confirmed that last week the last of the 72 steel sheet piles were installed.

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They added: “The work has been challenging because engineers have had to drill through a secondary set of steel sheet piles that are up to 6metres deep under the wall before they could install a capping beam and slab that further reinforce it, but they have worked around to carry out the work.”

They added that the work would see them filling the voids with structural concrete and anchor steel sheet piles that ensure it is able to resist the wave forces it is subjected to all year round.

GVs of the flood defense work in Teignmouth

She continued: “Following the completion of the work, TMS will remain on site for another month in case there are any additional works or emergency repairs that need to be carried out.

“At the same time, resurfacing work will be carried out in The Point car park during mid-September. Further details will be confirmed closer to the time.”

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Parts of The Point car park have been used for stockpiling materials and onsite facilities. Sections have now been released back into use for parking with two-thirds of the 251-space car park now free for residents and visitors to use with more spaces being released as work continues.

GVs of the flood defense work in Teignmouth

Signs are in the car park show people the nearest parking alternatives are at Brunswick Street, The Quay and Eastcliff. More details are at

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Voids are caused by sea water washing out fill material from behind the wall, and has probably been happening over a number of years. A similar void was repaired when it opened up on Teignmouth’s promenade after a major storm in December 2015.

The cost of the project has been funded by the Government through the flood defence grant in aid administered by the Environment Agency. The budget contained a contingency in case additional works were required.

New sea defence scheme will protect 600 homes along the River Exe…

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Watch above – work at Dawlish Warren as part of the beach management scheme

A major Environment Agency scheme to reduce the flood risk to 600 homes on the Exe Estuary has been proposed. Plans for a tidal defence scheme that will include a flood gate installation and replacement have been submitted to Teignbridge Council.

The scheme will also involve slipway raising and wall raising at tidal inlets in Starcross, together with a combination of raising, repair and reconstruction of Cockwood Harbour seawall and associated works and the plans have been backed by Starcross Parish Council.

If approved, work would begin in the winter and should take six months to complete, and will protect the villages against a one in a one thousand year flood.

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It would run alongside a £14million engineering project which is aimed at reducing the risk of flooding to over 2,900 properties around the Exe Estuary.

The scheme involves increasing sand levels at the beach to protect defences through sand replenishment, replacing and refurbishing timber groynes and putting what looks like a giant sandbag into the vulnerable neck section of the Warren.

The equivalent of 50 Olympic swimming pools full of sand have been pumped onto the Dawlish Warren beach so far.

The application says: “The scheme is proposed to reduce flood risk to more than 600 residential and commercial properties, the majority of which are located in Starcross. We have identified that one of the main routes for flooding into Stracross is through the tidal inlet and harbour in the village of Cockwood, just south of Starcross.

“The village experiences tidal flooding from the estuary during very high tides and storm events where the incoming water seeps up through the current seawall and the two slipways located at the north and south ends of the harbour. This water then pools onto the road running alongside the harbour, flooding the properties directly next to the road and flowing down into Starcross.

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“The impacts of climate change, due to predicted increases in wave heights and sea levels, are likely to increase the risk of flooding to both Starcross and Cockwood over the next few decades, and this scheme will be designed to withstand a one in one thousand year flood event.”

The proposed flood defence works involve a combination of new floodgates and the localised wall raising on the landward side of the inlets in Starcross, increasing the height of the walls on the existing Jetty Slipway, and replacing the flood gate at Generals Lane that is currently in a state of disrepair.

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Works in Cockwood will involve a combination of raising and repairs the seawalls around the harbour, installing floodgates, and reconstructing the southern seawall and public footpath.

Teignbridge Council’s planning committee will make a decision on the plans by September.

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