Police sent to Dawlish after report of child ‘dangled over…

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Police were called to Dawlish Warren after a parent was seen to dangle their child over the perimeter wall of the railway line.

No one was found at the scene when officers arrived at around 4pm.

British Transport Police condemned the ‘stupid’ actions of the parent who prompted the call.

The wall between a footpath and the line at Dawlish is low and there have been serious accidents caused by people on the tracks in the past.

Improvements were made to the security of the track between Teignmouth and Dawlish after the 2006 death of Debbie Rathbone.

The 42-year-old died when she was hit by a train. She had been trying to save a pet dog after it jumped over the wall and on to the line. Her family campaigned for the improvements after her death, and dedicated a bench to the Teignmouth resident but the line remains accessible in many areas.

British Transport Police also said today they remained concerned about a high tide due this evening. The line is regularly swamped by waves at Dawlish, causing train disruption and damage.

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New expanded £1million Dawlish ‘healthcare hub’ opens on…

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A new ‘healthcare hub’ for Dawlish and Teignmouth officially opens on Saturday. Barton Surgery in Dawlish last year was given permission to expand its site in Barton Terrace by Teignbridge Council planners.

The £1million plans for the four-storey surgery extension will provide more rooms, as well as training and meeting areas for staff.

Now complete, the site of the only GP practice in the town will comprise of the surgery and the community hospital, and will provide a health hub with access to the full range of services including minor injuries, out of hours care, primary care, pharmacy and bed-based care.

The changes to the site include additional clinical spaces for nurses, doctors and registrars to use and a dedicated meeting room for training.

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The aim of the development is to future-proof the facilities at the site, and the extension, built on the derelict former gasworks behind the site, which will secure the future of healthcare in the area for the next 10 years.

Currently there are 13,600 patients registered with the practice, but this is expected to rise by 20 per cent in the next 10 years as a result of the additional houses being built around Dawlish.

The controversial DA2 framework plan for Dawlish, which has been adopted as a planning document by Teignbridge council, includes how the council hopes to deliver the building of up to 1,000 houses for the area.

Plans for 409 houses at Gatehouse Farm on Secmaton Lane were approved in July 2016, which followed on from the approval granted in April for Waddeton Park Ltd’s plans for up to 200 homes, a 64-bed care home and three hectares of employment land on a 16-acre plot of land in the grounds of Langdon Hospital.

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Two other housing developments in the area – one of 96 new homes and one of 35 new homes – have also been approved.

Plans for 201 new homes at land at Secmaton Farm in Dawlish have been submitted to Teignbridge Council and are currently being considered.

Another 201 homes are planned for the north of Dawlish

If all five housing plans are approved and built, then the north of Dawlish then 941 new homes will be built.

The development has been partially funded by the development of the new 860 homes around Secmaton Lane, along with a grant from NHS England and funding from the GP partners.

The official opening of the extended premises at Barton Surgery takes place on Saturday, August 5, between 11.30am and 3pm.

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Joint Teignmouth and Dawlish airshow could provide £3m…

The mayor of Teignmouth says he has no doubts whatsoever that a proposed airshow for Teignmouth and Dawlish for 2018 will happen – and it could provide a £3m boost to the economy.

Early stages of negotiations around a two day event at the back end of the summer of 2018 have begun, with the aim being to hold the airshow in Teignmouth on Saturday, August 25, and then the following day in Dawlish.

Up to 150,000 people are expected to be attracted into the towns for the events which could bring economic boosts of around £3milllion to the economy.

The initial outlay for the first year of the event could cost around £150,000, but Cllr Paul Burgess, the mayor of Teignmouth, said they would hope to cover the costs of the displays through corporate sponsorship and that the event would not go ahead unless it was certain to break event.

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The long-running Dawlish Airshow was grounded in 2016 and 2017 as the organisers felt they needed to take a break and that the event couldn’t be financed respectively, but it is hoped that a two day airshow across the two towns could be held in 2018.

The organising committee consists of a many members of previous Dawlish Airshows plus additional expertise from business people from the two towns and although it is currently only in its initial planning stages, the Dawlish and Teignmouth Airshow has received enthusiastic responses from both Town Councils and has developed a business model which will allow for sustainability for years to come.

Tracy Scranage, Town Centre Development Manager said: “Organising a two town centre Airshow allows us for the first time to develop new and exciting areas of interest, ranging from specific themes for our young people, to Corporate Entertaining facilities and VIP areas.

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“The outline plan is to run two Airshow days in August next year, one day in Dawlish and the Warren and the other in Teignmouth. Some air displays will be common to both towns and others, specific to one town.

“Funding will be gained through numerous sources and we are trying to involve businesses from all sectors of the community and further afield.

“Bringing a much needed financial boost to both towns, the new style Airshow has as its main ethos to be an inclusive community event. Bringing both communities closer together in a joint project such as this will, in my opinion give both towns the opportunity to enjoy a weekend of joint entertainment and community cohesiveness.”

An emergency Teignmouth town council meeting was arranged for last Tuesday night to discuss the proposal and to decide whether the council should financially lack the scheme, but a decision on that was deferred until September when a more detailed report about the costings would be available.

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The meeting heard that insurance costs would be between £25,000 and £30,000, but that the former Dawlish Airshow committee did hold around £35,000 in reserves.

A community interest company would be formed to run the display if the final go-ahead was given.

Cllr Burgess added: “The support of the public was overwhelming and they all talked about how great it would be. I have no doubt whatsoever about the success of a potential airshow and I would be very surprised if this didn’t happen.

“It would be a major event for the area with 150,000 people able to watch the event. We are trying to finance the event through sponsorship alone and we hope to have a clear business plan so that all the money is raised before the event but it is onwards and upwards.”

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Concerns at the meeting were raised about possible traffic congestion in thetowns, but it was said that a park and ride scheme, probably operating out of Bishopsteignton would be used.

Cllr Doug Hellier Laing, Teignbridge Council’s executive member for Economy, Skills and Tourism, said that the district council could also help to finance the event.

He told Devon Live: “I like the proposal, and will support their proposition if I can, but qualifying that we at Teignbridge do not have a big chunk of money but I believe we might be able to help.

“I like the ideas about sponsorship and made a few suggestions where in the past I know big organisations have donated for community projects.

“Depending on any submission to Teignbridge, which has to be a sound business proposition along with a fully-costed plan showing the potential outgoings along with promised sponsorship, and then I am prepared to take the proposition to the Executive and Senior officers for consideration.”

A decision on whether Teignmouth town council would provide finance for the event was deferred until September when a more detailed report about the costings would be available.

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Public urged to attend ‘important’ Teignmouth and Dawlish Airshow…

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Members of the public are being urged to attend a public meeting to discuss the possibility of a Teignmouth and Dawlish Airshow.

The mayor of Teignmouth, Paul Burgess, has encouraged members of the public to go along to the meeting as a show of support for the joint airshow.

He said: “An extraordinary meeting of the Full Council Committee will be held at Bitton House on July 25 at 6.30pm to discuss receive a presentation on the possibility of a Teignmouth and Dawlish Airshow.

“Can I kindly ask that members of the public attend this VERY IMPORTANT meeting to show your support.”

Early stages of negotiations around a two day event at the back end of the summer of 2018 are under way and an emergency Teignmouth town council has been arranged for Tuesday night to discuss the proposal.

Tens of thousands of pounds would be needed to finance the airshow, but Cllr Paul Burgess, the mayor of Teignmouth, said that they would hope to cover the costs of the displays through corporate sponsorship and that the event would not go ahead unless it was certain to break event.

The long-running Dawlish Airshow was grounded in 2016 and 2017 as the organisers felt they needed to take a break and that the event couldn’t be financed respectively, but it is hoped that a two day airshow across the two towns could be held in 2018.

And Cllr Burgess said that the event would be even better than the two day airshow in Paignton if it got the go-ahead and would not make a loss.

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The first Torbay Airshow held in 2015 made a thumping loss of more than a quarter of a million while the second show in June lost £7,000.

Torbay Council agreed a £455,000 underwriting over the next five years, with the addition of the ‘maximum’ cap, for the airshow at their meeting on Thursday night, but Cllr Burgess said that unless the airshow would not make a loss, it would not go ahead.

Cllr Burgess told Devon Live: “This is an idea that I support this 110 per cent and think that it would be absolutely brilliant and a fabulous event for both Teignmouth and Dawlish. It has great potential to attract 100,000 people across the two towns and would be a great event for the calendar. People love the Red Arrows.

“There is lots of work to do behind the scenes and we need to discuss it would sponsors and we also need the support of the public for this, but I believe that the public would overwhelmingly support this, and the type of sums we are talking about would not place any real burden on the tax payer.

“The way we plan to finance this is that unless we were 100 per cent confident of getting the financial commitment we need from sponsors then this wouldn’t go ahead. No-one’s intention is that this event makes a loss and if anything, we have the skills and the knowhow behind this to make a profit.

“I know I am biased, but I think this would be a better airshow that than the one in Torbay. There is the historical connection with the Dawlish Airshow and that we have better seafront viewing points with two miles of seafront at Teignmouth and five miles of seafront at Dawlish. We have a natural arena for an airshow with our coastline and I know that the flyers love coming to this part of the world.”

He added that discussions between Teignmouth and Dawlish town council’s about the airshow have begun and that an emergency Teignmouth town council next week would be told more about the plans and whether to back it.

The airshow is proposed to run over two days, with one day in Teignmouth and one day in Dawlish.

Cllr Burgess said: “We have to book well in advance so we need to have the discussions now about whether we want to support this or say that we have discussed it and have chosen to go another way and are not on board.

“Before it stopped, the Dawlish Airshow was voted the best free airshow in the country, the people who were behind that are still on board and they have the skills to make it a success.”

A decision on whether to proceed with an airshow in 2018 will be taken at a later date.


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Dawlish Warren beach reopens fully in time for the summer…

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Dawlish Warren beach has reopened fully to the public ahead of the summer holiday after over 100 Olympic swimming pools full of sand was pumped onto the beach as part of a £14m project to protect the vulnerable main railway line and thousands of homes.

The scheme involves increasing sand levels at the beach to protect defences through sand replenishment, replacing and refurbishing timber groynes and putting what looks like a giant sandbag into the vulnerable neck section of the Warren.

Around the clock dredging and recharge works at Dawlish Warren has paid off as the works have been completed ahead of schedule and the main beach has completely reopened to the public ahead of the summer holiday.

A spokesman for the Dawlish Warren beach management scheme said: “The dredging and beach recharge at Dawlish Warren is complete.

“Since the Mahury dredger arrived at Dawlish Warren on June 1, over 250,000m3 of sand has been pumped to the beach, the equivalent to over 100 Olympic swimming pools full of sand.

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“In order to protect internationally important species of birds and protected fish movements in the Exe Estuary, the dredging and beach recharge operation could only be completed in June, July and August.

“Work was sequenced to ensure the main tourist beach was accessible during the 2017 school summer holidays, but excellent progress has seen the entirety of the beach recharge completed by early July.

“Beach closures were required throughout the beach recharge works for safety reasons. The project team would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank all the users of Dawlish Warren for their patience and cooperation during these works.”

They added that access restrictions are still in place beyond Groyne 6 while there are large plant movements to remove the dredging pipework and equipment.

The beach is open up to Groyne 6, and access for dogs is available between Groyne 3 and Groyne 6.

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Richard Cox, project manager for the Environment Agency, said: “The good news is we’ve completed the beach recharge at the western end of Dawlish Warren well ahead of our original schedule which tied in with the start of the summer holidays at the end of July.

“This innovative scheme continues to be a balance between enhancing the natural environment whilst performing a flood defence function to protect communities at Dawlish Warren and in the Exe Estuary. Beach goers can now reap the benefit of an improved beach at the western end and once the scheme is complete we’ll have reduced the risk of flooding to more than 2,900 properties around the Exe Estuary.”

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Cllr Humphrey Clemens, Teignbridge District Council’s executive member for housing and planning which includes coastal services, added: “This is excellent news for residents, traders and visitors, and it is even better news that the recharge work for the main beach has been completed ahead of schedule.

“Credit should go to the teams on the ground carrying out this work: BMM the contractor, alongside staff from Teignbridge and the Environment Agency.

“There’s still work to do with recharge continuing on a section of the beach past groyne six but it’s progressing well. Dawlish Warren beach is looking wonderful and the area will now benefit from a multi-million-pound investment in flood defences that provide a modern standard of protection but also help preserve the beauty of this special place.”

Since work started in January, 1.2km of stone filled gabion baskets have been removed from the Warren. The timber groynes have been refurbished, extended and replaced along the Warren to help hold sand on the beach.

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Over 200 new 7 metre long kingposts have been installed to form the new groynes (groynes 10 to 14) and more than 1,500 new planks have been installed to raise the groynes to suit the new beach levels. Construction of a new revetment between groynes 3 and 4 is ongoing but will be complete before the school summer holidays.

Work on the new ‘sandbag’ defence buried deep under the dunes at the narrowest point of the Warren (the Neck) will be ongoing throughout the summer. Giant bags are being pumped full of sand and water which drain to create compacted sand bags up to 2.85m high. When finished, the bags will be buried in the back face of the dune. This structure is designed to reduce flood risk behind from the most severe of storms and prevent the Warren breaching along this vulnerable section.

The estimated economic benefit of the Warren continuing to shelter communities and the main railway line from storms has been calculated at around £158million.

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